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OnixSOLO - SILVER Magnetic Phone Ring

OnixSOLO - SILVER Magnetic Phone Ring

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Stop wasting your hard-earned money on cheap, plastic and poorly made rings, or on rubber plastic pop-up grips that you will have to buy over and over again and again. Once you peel and stick the OnixSOLO Ring on the back of your device, it will be the first and only one of a kind design that you will have ever want to use and one you will never want to live without.

OnixSOLO is like no other Ring for your Device. Once you use it, you will never want to mess around with any other attachable accessory ever again. And you certainly won't want to go back to using your pinky to hold your phone unsecured.

From the square outer shape providing the most stable and widest range of adjustable Horizontal AND Vertical kickstand, to the smooth, round finger ring One-Size-Fits-All design that will feel like a nice piece of jewelry on your finger.

And with the addition of the magnetic head, you will have many hanging or mounting options for your device on any dashboard for hands-free driving or mounting throughout your home. When you add the mini-Magnet Puck, OnixMAG, or the patented designed hook and loop, OnixHOOK, you will open up your world to a countless number of uses you never thought was possible from one simple small accessory.

Not to mention, the 3M adhesive and replacement adhesives included will guarantee up to 10 lbs of strength, providing you the utmost in security and peace of mind while using your precious smartphone or tablet.

So come on, don't go spending a small fortune for your device and then arm it with the best case and screen protection money can buy, and then attach something on the back that you purchased at a discount store. Treat your phone or tablet like you mean it and attach this Fine Piece of Art to your phone and never look back.

And if that wasn't enough, we back this with an Industry Leading, No Questions Asked, Lifetime Guarantee. Your device will Thank You!
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